20111104 + Lots Done

20111104 + Got TV from Jeff, D home with a good grade card!  Whole family ran to Rich's to get his projector and then had dinner at Panda Express.  We went to Target shopping for last minute party supplies, then home setting up for the party, bed good time.

20111103 - Work, more UAT  L took all 3 took all 3 boys to the dentist, J cavity, D gingivitis and bad plaque build up...  Removed fire pit, boys helped.  L&J back to his school for open house.  DG&I to Home Depot for some supplies.  All back home watched our first blue ray movie, Cars 2.  L&I up watching 'Season of the witch'.

20111102 - Feeling better, long day of UAT with my friends down South.  Ed stopped by to get paid.  Dinner with the fam.  Rough game of flag football.  J&I out on errands, library, gas station, grocery for party supplies, video store, home and relaxing a bit.