20111113 - Pick Up Sticks

20111113 - Up in the am and L not feeling well so I took the boys for bfast to McDs. Then we headed up to the Farm. We played in the barn and G gave Nibbles a walk, then we all headed down to the bottom field, G got to drive the tractor, to pick up a pile of driftwood. Soon the Loughman clan and joined us and we checked some fences and the kids explored in the woods.
Back to the barn and the kids played, swung on the rope and fed some hay to a couple cows. The boys Gma&paW & I all headed to the Chinese Buffett for dinner. We headed home, I dropped off the boys and ran straight to a Scout Leader meeting. Home to clean boys, got them to bed and L, still sick, now with chest pains, to bed too. I headed down to the basement to watch a show and prepare for the week.