20110728 - More Wood

20110728 - Up and worked.  For lunch I took the boys to the park to gather wood for D's upcoming camp.  Back tot he desk to finish the day then all out to the pool.

20110727 - Up and worked.  For lunch I took D to the park to gather wood.  After dinner D&I went to see Captain America with his baseball coach and his twins; Good predictable ACTION flick.

20110726 - Worked all day.  Had dinner with the Fam.  L played baseball with the boys while I rescreened a screen door.  DJ&I took the screen door to the flip property and installed it and walked the property.  We did 2 geocaches on the way home and the boys played on a playground on a tiny little merry-go-round that spun their brains out.  A stop at Meijer then, Sconic for slushies.  Home and fell asleep in chair..............woke up 2am :-o

20110725 - Up at the desk all day, still catching up from out of office training last week.  Dinner and then to Scouts with all the boys, L off to a girly party buying baskets or some other 'useful' things :-S  Home and dropped off the boy sna dheaded out for what was to be the last Bible Bangers.  But the meeting was a bust so we ended early and Chris, Jeff and I went to see the new Harry Potter.  VERY GOOD!  up late working.