20110720 - Beer Place

20110720 - Up early and over to the office. L got the drains cleaned out This mowing so everything ok at home. I sat in one place on a class room until 5... Class was out and I hit the road. I made it to Josh's house and then we headed to Deja Brew.

Deja Brew is an on premise brewery. Josh goes there regularly and gave me a tour and he and other guys there explained how the process works. I then met the owner, Ray Schavone, who kindly took about an hour away from his customers to explain to me all the ins and out of his 14 years of running his brewery. I learned more from him in that time than any books will ever teach me. Ray has a great place, it was packed and in his own words, 'it's like having a party every day'. I'm excited and want to learn more!

After the visit Josh and I headed to dinner. Only two stops before we found a suitable restaurant tonight, 'Ted's'. We each had a 14oz bison steak that was so incredibly good I had to lick my plate :-)
I dropped Josh off and then headed home. In made one stop at a location where for the past two days I had attempted to find a geocache. This time inbound it! After a long day, great beer experience, a fabulous steak, a good time with Josh and finding the illusive geocache I made it back to the hotel completely fudilled! A good day, and a better one coming up tomorrow: heading home :-)