20110708 + Happy Budda

20110708 - Up at the desk.  Took a lunch break and met the guys at the rehab house.  Back to the desk to finish off the day...  Jack to a friends house for a 'Dive in movie' and then to spend the night.  LDG&I Out to China Dynasty, great meal!  Hit 3 toy stores, looking for chess sets.  Home watched the Little League All star game.  In and watched a show with D.

20110707 - Worked all day...  D had game, Gma&paW down for the game.  GpaW & I ran and paid G's soccer registration and got pizzas.  All back to the house for dinner.  Took D to a friends for a sleep over.  Home and the neighbor kids over all over the backyard.  Boys in to bed.  Up late watching TV and messing on the internet

20110706 + Up worked, lots of calls.  After work, J, Doc & I went to the flip, looking pretty rough...  Stopped at white castle on the way home (MISTAKE!!!).  Stopped at a brewery on the way home and talked to the guys there.  home ate on the back porch while J&G swung each other in the hammock.  Played catch with J&G.  FRIGGIN Garage door broke...  D home while I was fixing the garage door.  In, exhausted, to bed.