20110731 - Back Pack Bigger?

20110731 - Up and D&I to the gas station to get him some last minute supplies (candy) for his week at camp.  He didn't seem nervous and is excited because he is going with a whole group of guys he knows.  Back home and picked up the family.  Stopped by for a quick check in with the Scouts and then on the road ahead of the group to drop off J&G at the Farm.  We made it to the Farm and dropped of the little guys and ran down the road to wait for the Scouts to catch up.

Before long we were in the Scout caravan heading East.  Everyone stopped at a little dairy stand past Wooster for lunch and it was a good meal, I had the 'Nightmare' (cheeseburger, hamburger, coney sauce, coleslaw, slice of tomato).  Not to far down the road the 'Nightmare' caught up with me and I had to make a 'pit' stop.  Good thing I did, D needed to stop as well.

We got to camp and unloaded.  D turned in his pipestone wood, his bundle was really good compared to many of the bundles...  We stayed with him for medical form review and pictures, then hung back and followed the group to the campsite.  After D found a bunk-mate and settled in he took and passed the swimming test. L&I watched this and then said goodbye to our biggest boy, but the smallest scout in his Troop.  He was happy and ready for us to leave.  Some of the other Scouts and leaders assured us they would be watching out for D this week.
Back on the road and we made it to Paulette's for a dinner in Ashland where we got our little boys.  We had a quick nice meal and then got back on the road.  I had to pull off at a rest stop for a leg stretcher after all the time in the car and G helped me find a geocache.  Home around 10 and got the boys in bed, me too, long day...