20110730 - Grant's First 'Dad and Me' Day!!

20110730 - Grant woke me up early and out we went for is first ever official 'Dad and Me' day.  Our first stop was McDonald's where we had some breakfast and made plans for the day.  We then ran to the US Post Office and got a roll of stamps, then to the gas station to gas up, get a bunch of snacks and go through the car wash (Grant's first time and he was a bit nervous ;-)  We then hit a garage sale and got a 'Total Gym' for $20.  We dropped the 'Total Gym' off at home and got Grant's baseball gear.

Off to the Putt Putt course where we played 18 holes.  Several groups let us play through and Grant got 3 holes in 1!!!  Next was the batting cages where Grant got 84 pitches and did pretty good for a little guy in the batting cages.  Back to the golf course for a different course and 18 more holes.  G got 1 more hole in one fore the day, for a total of 4!

On the road and we went hinting for geocaches.  We looked for 4 and Grant found 3 of them, one we could not find.  We had to hunt through bushes and find tiny little magnetic ones too.

Back home for a break and I ran J to his baseball tryouts.  He hit 3 of the 4 balls they thew to him and caught all the grounders.  He did really well for his first 'official' baseball activity ever...

Back home and when G finished his nap we headed back out.  First stop was the gas station to get some 'Big League Chew' for G to take to the ball game.  Then a 15 minute stop at Best Buy so I could pick up a laptop.  Off to Huntington Park and a game with the Columbus Clippers.  G didn't move the first 2 innings, taking it all in and watching ever move.  We then took a hike to get a little bat and some food.  After we ate G tried his had at pitching as was throwing pretty accurate at 28mph :-o

G really want a ball and asked some players and an usher for help getting a ball, and pretty soon a little boy from up front got a ball that was actually used in the game and brought it up to Grant.  He was THRILLED!!!  The Clippers won and Grant talked about the game the entire way to the car, the entire trip home and stayed up and told mom all about it.

Just look at that face!

Another great day with one of my favorite people!  Just look at that face!