090027 - We made it!

090927 - After we landed we all got a bite to eat and then took a bus ride to the hotel. We got checked in, to our rooms and the boys were bouncing off the walls! We hit the play ground and checked out the pools; LOOKS LIKE FUN!!!

We jumped on a bus and arrived at the Magic Kingdom. As we walked towards the castle we were waved off the road because a parade was coming. We had front row seats for the whole thing. Grant could not believe it, the look on his face was priceless (L got a bit choked-up)! A couple of the characters in the parade paused to yell out "O" "H" to D&J because they were wearing OSU shirts, and it was only natural to respond... "I" "O"!!!

Then off for some fun, starting with a carousel ride, it's a small world, haunted mansion, some food, some fireworks, J's first ever official roller coaster ride something canyon(which he loved), and sort of bummed out the Tom sawyer island was closed. But we did hit the pirates of the Caribbean, Swiss family tree house and a dumbo ride.

Then Grant spotted Donald Duck... He ran to Donald and hugged him so tight I thought Donald's head was going to pop off (I'm sure that would have required years of therapy..). Grant just loved him and stood nice for pictures: I'm sure L will put them on her blog when we get home. We headed towards the buses and J&G fell asleep. Back to he hotel and no complaints about bed time (23:45).

What will tomorrow bring?!