090913 - Workin

090913 - L&D out early for Sunday school and acolyting. JG&I at home where we had a spectacular breakfast. Jack even said 'this is beeter than mommy's breakfasts!". Everyone home and we worked on some projects around the house. Everyone helped do different things between scooter rides and shooting BB guns. Here is Dylan touching up the paint on the garage door. In the afternoon DJ&I headed out to find a kid sized chair (they don't exist on the East side of Columbus...) for the computer station that we were setting up today for the boys. Target was a mad house but we did find a couple things and stopped for gas on the way home. When we got home Uncle John, Mary, Lucia and Aunt Martha were there. Grant was giving them the grand tour of the house. They stayed a bit and played catch and saw some of the stunts of the 4 wheeler and scooters. They also brought some dishes for Lori that I am sure she will write about in her new blog (lori.wingerblog.com). After our visitors left and the boys calmed down a bit J&I ran over to Subway to pick up dinner. We had dinner on the back porch and then played some catch with the football untill bath and bed time. We read 'King Thrushbeard' from Grimm's Fairy tales and then lights out. L&I attempted to watch a movie, but as usual Lori wont see the end of this one. I have a couple of things I should do before the team in Holland heads into work tomorrow, but I am just too tired. Good weekend.