090928 - Winger web

090929 - How many Winger boys can you spot in this web?

Everyone up and over to the breakfast bar. We ate and then boarded the buses for Downtown Disney. The LEGO store was the big bit this morning as GmaW spoiled the boys with LEGO kits. We hit some other shops and got more stuff, then we found the fountian. You can't keep a boy out of a fountian on a 90 degree day. D&J were SOAKED! G wasn't sure he wanted to participate, but did a little. This caused us to buy dry clothes so we could eat at T-Rex, an awesome Dino themed resturant (queue sound of screaching brakes): oh wait, this ISN'T partof the dinning plan thingy that is confusing us... Well, um, ok... Lets try this one... We finally found a place 'ON THE PLAN', and got a meal. Well most of us; G slept next to the table, J was exhausted, wet and turned into one of Snow White's dwarfs (madder then hell to be exact or is that grumpy?), but the rest of us ate.
We had a nice boat ride back to the hotel where we did a quick change and then headed to Hollywood Studios. The first place we went was the Indiana Jones stunt show, wher G got scared and L had to take him out, but D&J loved it. After that we stumbled into a Jedi training course where some real Jedis encountered some real storm troopers and THE Darth Vader (very cool). Then DJ&Gma&paW went into the Staf Wars ride while I went to wait for L&G to exit the Playhouse Disney show. G had fun in the show and was dancing and came out with a hand full of confetti from Mickey's bday party.
LG&I headed over to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playset to wait for the rest of the gang and stumbled upon the Power Rangers. G thinks they are cool from a distance, a GREAT distance; he wanted nothing to do with them... We all met up and off into the Honey I... playset and the boys went crazy. The photo above actually has DJ&G in it, on the ginormous spiderweb. They played for a long time and had lots of fun together.
A short walk got us to the Tower of Terror wher Jack was the only soul brave enough to go with me. We wizzed through line and the terror began. J actually liked the up and down of the ride, but said the movie and ghosts were too scarry (huh??? The 12 story drop didn't phase him...???). We got off the ride and met up with the rest of the herd for some pizza. We then attempted to get into Fantasmic, but it was standing room only so we bailed out. Now having a bit of extra time we went through the line for the Rockin Coaster. When we finally got to the place to board the cars the staff pulled Jack out of line for being too short and after D saw how fast it took off, he wanted to bail out also. So no cool coaster tonight. Heading out of the park and GmaW got the boys some funky light up glasses and we got a family pic taken in front of the big hat. A short wait for the bus and we were back to the hotel.
At the hotel we did another quick change and down to the pool. All the boys doing great swimming, and enjoyed having GmaW to protect them from the daddy shark the dunks and throws them great distances. All went well until some kid pooped in the pool }:-(
back to the room to clean off the crap and set the plan for tomorrow. Looks like we are heading to...???
Tune in tomorrow for another exciting tale!