090912 - USC SUCKS!

090912 - Everyone up and out to the ball field for Dylan's baseball game. J&I only got to stay for part of it as we had to leave and get him to his soccer game. J got all suited up and had some practice time with his team and I ran across the parking lot to get some chinese for lunch. Jacks game was good and got to be goalie, which is really cool! LD&G showed up and watched the rest of the game, D's team lost their game, but he forgot about that as he and Grant played with some other kids while J and his team tasted defeat as well...
Everyone headed home. D&I made a pit stop and the post office and then dropped the car of at Tuffy to get that pesky 'Check Engine' light checked... D&I walked home and had a goot chat on the way. We got home and the neighbor kids cam over and played while GL&I took cat naps between 'I stepped in dog poo' emergencies.
Rested up we headed out shoe shopping. Seems we don't have good enough shoes for the upcoming trip to Disney...??? So we went to a couple of stores and found nothing but stress... We hit Taco Bell and a couple more shoes and still nothing. We rushed home and caught the kickoff to the OSU USC game. WHAT A GAME! I thought we had it and then the time seemed to vanish as USC slid down the field and sealed the deal. OH CRAP! How did that happen??? USC SUCKS!!!