090928 - Mickey!!!

090928 - Up and out this morning to Disney's Animal Kingdom. When we got there the first thing we did was get a fast pass for the safari ride. Then we wandered around a bit and found Mickey himself! Again Grant led the charge and got his little book signed. Then the whole family got in on the photo op (good thing GpaW is in the back, he had shorts on for the first time this century and the white coming off his legs would have bleached out the photo). From there we saw the Lion King show, which is awesome. We had to get right out of the show as it ended and get back to the safari so we could use our fast pass. The safari is realy cool and they have tons of animals. After the safari, as we headed towards Dinoland, Grant found Kirk, the gorilla from 'Tarzan', and Flik from 'A Bug's Life' to pose with and sign his book.
We had lunch and then split up so G&Gma&paW could ride some rides and go to the gift shop, while LDJ&I rode the horribly jerky and terrifying (to Jack, covered his eyes the whole time) Dinosaur ride.
We all met back up and took an air conditioned break in the 'Finding Nemo' show. Here J&G caught a nap while the rest of us were entertained. After the show and a short walk, J&I conquered the Everest coaster. WOW! What a great coaster! Jack Loved it!!!
The Animal Kingdom closes early so we headed to the front where we attempted to see the 4D bugs life show, but it is really too scary for little guys and L&G bailed out early, I held on tight to J, and I can't see the 3D affects anyway... But it was still cool.
On the walk to the bus we were surprised by a plane doing some sky writing. A short bus ride back to the hotel and then the chaos of dinner. The Disney meal plans sound like the perfect solution, but to us, and everyone we have talked to about it, find it horribly confusing as we never seem to have everything we are supposed to, or have too much... After dinner we hit the pool and had some good fun in the water! Back to the rooms and settling down early (22:00). D&Gma&paW took a night hike and came back with a bunch of goodies. Now it's lights out and BIG pla s for tomorrow