090722 - Waterballons & Stuff

090722 - Up and met with Paul; we had a call and some stuff to do for N. After that Paul & I met up with Cindy & Lee and headed to the company outing for the day. We had a good lunch, rode the bumper boats, talked to other work folks and Lee & I participated in the waterballon toss, we (I) lost. Back to the hotel b4 dinner and managed another N problem. Dinner with Lee & Cindy, back to the room for hundreds of emails...  Called L, they had a rainy busy day in OH.  

090721 - Up and over to the main office for all day meeting.  I had to present our product to the management team, it went well.  Met Cindy and Lee for dinner.  To the room called L, she had a BUSY day.  I stayed up trying to get phone and calendars in sync.

090720 - Up and worked at the desk all morning getting $ in order. Everything updated, all should be good for the next week as I head for Boston. L helped me pack and I had some time to play kickball with the boys before I fly. Got to Boston and the hotel and settled in.

090719 - We loaded up and headed home in the morning. Got home for lunch. We unpacked the car, L got groceries and cooked us a nice picnic dinner. DJ&I then went to see Harry Potter, not so great, J even feel asleep... Home for one nights sleep in my own bed...