090727 + Out of the house!

090727 - Up at the desk all day, first time since July 9! Trying to get everything in line, behind EVERYWHERE. Took a bike ride to the gas station w/ D&J for lunch. Finished up the day and DJG&I got kicked out of the house so L could host Nicole's baby shower. We headed out to run errands and hopefully find something fun too. Then met with the Bible Bangers and got caught up with Jeff on the real estate biz. Home and pulling a late night catch up session...
090726 - Up got bfast for J&G while L&D went to church, D had to acolyte. Everyone home and outside enjoying the day, I trimmed the thorn bush and then completely cleaned out the cabinets in the shop and ran electric to the back porch. GmaB over for a dinner on backporch and helping L get ready for the baby shower. I was up late, watched 'Man who would be king' while doing some Disney research.
090725 + Up trying to get going, went through mail and PC, getting things inline. Dylan had a B-day party to go to so LJG&I stopped by one of the rentals and then out to eat. Home and watched 'Manchurian candidate' w/ L. She can stay up late with the medicine she is on for her poison ivy.
090724 - L and the boys met me at the airport, inside. I nearly missed them as they were waiting at the wrong gate for me to arrive... But I had to get cash for the cab I thought I was going to have to take and saw them looking for me and sneaked up behind them. Home exhausted, to a good nights sleep