090714 - Day @ Pool

090714 - So today we started off at a presentation. WHAT WAS I THINKING? It was one of those where they give you free tickets to 'blah blah' if you listen to their blah blah sales pitch... Will someone PLEASE remind me NOT to do that again! What a wasted morning!
Anyway, we got back on track quickly and hit the pool. We found a pool onsite that had a little waterfall and we played there for hours. Back to the room so G could take a nap and L took D&J to the playground. We then headed out looking for another local place to eat, and got LOST. I'm talking single lane, one way mountian roads, log cabin, cars in the yard... But we ended up at a very nice steakhouse where evreyone enjoyed Grant's LOUDNESS and Jack's love of pickles. We fed the ducks in the stream out front of the resturant before heading back.
More swimming!!! G is jumped in by himself a couple times and J is swimming all over the place. D is doing great and even helps the others. We got kicked out of the hottub so we headed back to the room. L went off to do laundry and I finished up showers and got snacks for the herd. All boys to bed and out fast.