090704 + Knee high?

090704 + Up from the camping expedition and everyone ready for a road trip. We went to Gma&paB's for a cookout. There were many hours of badminton... We had LOADS of food and I stuffed myself into a comma for a couple hours. Steve took us out into the country where I forced the continuance of the tradition Grandma Mary Winger started many decades ago where we all had to go down to the corn field and get our pictures taken on the 4th of July to see if the corn was knee high yet. Looks like this is a goodyear! Lilly only ran away once & we left Howdy there for a couple days. So it was a good fun trip. Home and hung out with J&G, all the neighbors over to our front yard to watch the Gahanna fireworks. After that we got to bed at a decent HR.