090712 - WE MADE IT!!!!

090712 - Not long after the Rubic's Cube we hit the tourist traffic at Pigeon Forge... But we turned off the TV and forced the boys to look at all the sites. They saw LOADS of things they wanted to do and buy :-( Then we stopped at a dinosaur musuem. Pushing on we found our resort. We got unpacked as fast as possible and then hit our new favorite hang out for the next 6 days, THE POOL!!!!
We all swam until we had to get our rasin pruned bodies out to go find some food. Down into Gatlinburg and way too many people! We found a place to park ($$$) and then I hit the parking attendant up for a good local place to eat. We had to walk a couple blocks and back in an alley, but we found it, the Best Italian. We had a spectacular meal. Jack choked on a cheese stick which I pulled from his mouth, along with the 6 inches he had already swallowed... Yuk, but it gave us a good laugh after he said 'that was all the way in my belly!' Grant enjoyed pilin up the minced garlic on top of his rolls, he'll smell good tomorrow... and Dylan ate so much chees stick and rolls he couldn't eat his dinner... Back through the crowd, a couple 'Gift Shops' (Dylan's favorite) and to the car to get to the grocery. We got our groceries and then back to the room. L got a snack for G while DJ&I took a walk around the resort checking out the pools, listening to the creek and looking for bears! Back and all boys to bed, no complaints from them... L&I up looking at all the phamplets trying to plan a fun week.