081227 - Eskimo Summer

081227 - D,J&I took Lilly on a big walk to the playground, then the creek, back to the playground and home. L was able to brush Lilly while she was asleep. We packed up the troops and headed to Dayton to see the Halstead clan.
The ride to Dayton was easy and when we got there the temperature was about 70. Because the day was so nice all the kids (9) were able to take off their shoes and run crazy. We had some good food canversations and family time. The kids had the 'best time ever' playing together. The ride home was quiet. Stayed up to finish off season 1 of Heroes.
081226 - Up and to the kitchen table for the first half of day building Jack's 1000 pc Lego Space ship thingys. D&G kept themselves busy. Then I played Wii Nerf w/ Howdy while G took a nap & J played w/ his legos. We all packed up for a quick trip to the pharmacy, grocery, & Wendy's. Home for nuggets, baths & bed. L stayed up a bit watching her favorite midget show & I retreated to the basement to watch more Heroes till late.