081223 - Cookies

081223 - Dr for wrist, AGAIN! Home & the boys r decorating cookies for Santa. Pretty messy event.
081221 - L & big boys to church, G & I ran errands and got lunch. played video games with J. D to bday party. hung out after dinner, up late watching TV.
081220 - J made bfast for everyone, boys played Wii, G&I rested. L home for lunch & got groceries.
081219 - Dylan's sing along @ school. Lori out with her girl friends tonight. The boys & I dropped the toys @ the donation center, had dinner @ Cici's, got movies & games @ Blockbuster, picked up a percription, and went shopping for Mommy & Lilly's xmas presents. Home up late watching movies.
081218 - Dylan had a Cub Scouts, Pack meeting tonight.