081205 - Lunch

081205 - Up and the cable guy came out and fixed the tv box, rushed through my morning tasks, had a very important lunch date I could not miss. Grabbed my sack of food, ran out the back door in the freezing cold to meet my partner Howdy for lunch at this school. I met him in the lunch room and we ate there with his friends and some other parents. We then got to go to his classroom where we were allowed to stay for indoor recess. We got to play some math/money games and it was pretty fun. By far the highlight of my week!

Walked home through the flurries and finished my day. Took the family to a crappy expensive Mexican restaurant, then home to pack, wrestle and watch some tv. Heading to the polar express in Newcomerstown tomorrow morning.

081204 - Business day... Worked all day, changed and ran out the door to go to a ColumbusREIA meeting with Jeff. It was pretty interesting and we learned some things tonight. L took all 3 boys to D's cub scouts. All home, talked and watched tv, w L.

081203 - U, usual work stuff, now getting involved in an HR case... Took a break for lunch and ran to the bank w/ Jeff, we are trying to get a lump of cash so we can just write a check for these houses instead of financing them... Back to the desk, finally getting above water. ran out for a fast dinner, loaded the boys in the car, L off to do a bulletin board at church, D to karate, J, G&I to the movie store and 2 banks, then back to karate for J. G was a MESS... ugh this is exhausting. How does L do it when I am on the road???

081202 - Up into the office still pulling out from under the pile of being away from my desk for a month... G has a fever this morning. Worked through lunch and then ran to a property portfolio manager meeting with Jeff; we bought another house... Home found some food, spent some time with the fam, then worked till 5am.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...