081225 - Too Fast

081225 - Yes I know this pic is blury... But it is real. 9 years ago was my first Christmas as a parent. Now Dylan is getting big, and I'm not certain the 'magic' of Christmas will be there for him next year. This year the holiday was perfect: everyone up early, the looks on their faces opening things the love, getting along with each other, seeing our families we love, being together.
After a movie I got my 3 boys in bed and headed down the stairs in tears.
They had a great day, but are growing so fast. I want them to be my little buddies forever... All the hugs, smiles & 'I love you's as I tucked them in started my emotions. Dylan, who I tuck in last every night, felt my trembling as the emotions began to surface and asked if I was ok. How do you explain to a young boy how much you see in him & his brothers, the great kids they are now, the potential, them growing and how u just want them to be happy the rest of their lives, like they are on Christmas day... I know I can't stop it. I just want it to go slower so they can get more out of being little and worry free, and so I can get more out of it too.
I don't want it to be a blur.