081206 - Polar Express

081206 - L got us all up & out the door EARLY! Eveb Blockbuster was still closed, rediculous... L drove us to Newcomerstown, through the light snow. We got there and everyone played, the trees are up, the little towns & trains are running and we r trying to prevent Grant from turning into godzilla and destroying it all. We had a nice lunch where all the boys actually ate and J had several dozen pickles...
GpaB came home and then the building began. All the boys chiped in and they had a ginerbread house, covered with icing and candy, in no time. D was drinking the left over icing and G was hording the m&ms. Then all the boys got in there PJs, posed on the steps for 1.624 seconds for a picture, and then off to the Polar Express.
L&I stayed @ the house, relaxed and talked by the fire. We got the call that the gang was on there way home & I ran out and got chinese. Every one back around the table for dinner, then more playing w/ Monty Python & the Search for the Holy Grail playing in the packground.