081209 - Lego time

081209 - Up and got a good start to the week. J went to school & the to a buddy's house. Everyone home for dinner. G&I dropped D off @ karate and then finished up our xmas shopping. When we got home we found L&J in the basement. They made this amazing Lego city! We all played w/ Logos for a bit, then off to bed. The bible bangers are heading over for a movie tonight.
081208 - Up dylan to church w/ Gma&paB. L&I stayed w/ J&G that wern't feeling well. Everyone home for lunch. GpaB had a concert and the boys didn't eat a bit of nice lunch GmaB made... (but they sure ate dinner!) J&G slept the whole way home so it was a nice quiet ride. When we got home D&J played outside in the snow, while I shoveled the drive, lights strung and fixed the headlight. After a well eaten dinner, L gave the boys haircuts and I did baths. We finished off the night watching Willy Wonka. Got the boys & L to bed & I watched the X-Files movie.