20230629 + Up WAY TOO early and L drove G&I to his baseball game in Mt. Vernon. It was another weird day with all the smog from the Canadian wild fires blowing down. G's team did good and they won. LG&I went to Southside Diner after the game for lunch; it was super good! We dropped G off back at the field as he is playing with a couple of his buddies on another team in the afternoon. L&I home. I got to the desk and worked the rest of the day. In the afternoon I headed out to the porch to do email and finish the day. In and L&I watched a movie. We took a break to trim and season a brisket, and let it rest. After the movie G&I put the brisket in the smoker and started smoking it. I headed in to the office and did some stuff until 1am. J got home just as I was heading outside to foil the brisket, so he helped me. We got it wrapped up and set the temp and let it cook overnight.