20230703 + Up in the am and headed in to the office. CB came in and it is the first time in about 5 weeks I have seen him. CB, Cory and I went to Old Bag for lunch and got caught up. Back to the office and at the desk for the rest of the afternoon. It poured sheets of rain. Home and L&I ran to Kroger to get some buns and things for tomorrow. Home and gave Hazel a couple CBD treats and made her a tent over her bed. L&I hung out on the back porch, G had a bunch of friends come over and they walked to the golf course. L&I set our chairs out on the front lawn and got ready for the fireworks. We had Sam and Nancy, Nate, Jillian and Leo, and J came outside to watch the fireworks. I went in a couple of times to ck on shaking Hazel. After the fireworks I got things cleaned up and J helped me get the pork shoulder in the in the SmokinTex. Steve Weiland showed up on the back porch and we sat out there with some drinks chatting until 1:30.