20191215 - Banquet

20191215 - Was up and down all night. last time I looked at the clock was 5:155am. Up at 1pm,.. Sat at the desk and got some things done. Took it easy, D and his baseball buddies headed to their Columbus Braves banquet. I got myself around and went as well. It was at TAT Ristorante, a nice Italian place in not a great neighborhood. Bruce the coach had door prizes and speeches and special guests. Sad thing is only 5 players showed up from the nearly 20 on the team and only a handful of parents. We all sat at one of the three long tables that were reserved, the other 2 empty. He made the best of it and it was a good time and some good food, will have to take the fam there sometime. After the banquet I thanked the coach and when I got home most of the boys that went were at my house and I thanked them for going too. It is a different time now, where Bruce wants to have a nice banquet and reflect on the past season, the world today is moving too fast, people don't care are and are worried too much about next season already... Home and L&G were coloring pics in the living room. I hung out with them, D and his friends played cards in the basement and J got home and headed to the basement as well. Up on and off throughout the night, getting 3hr bursts of sleeps interrupted by sever coughing fits.