20191116 - Home Town Rivalries

20191116 - J home for bit in the morning and told us that he learned how to do fries at work last night. L picked up G from practice and then swung back around to pick me up and head to the high school for Gahanna Middle School Basketball Day, where all the middle schools play each other. We ran in to the Mineyfields, D's old karate instructors there and caught up for a bit. G played really hard and looked pretty good. J showed up and watched some of G play and then J&I headed out to pick up the Scout Wreaths. We got the wreaths and headed home, L&G there. J bailed out on us and went to see some friends. We had some lunch and watched the Buckeyes. L dinner with her friends, J at work. G&I headed out, got gas and had reservations at the new Swensen's. We had a good dinner in the car and stopped at Goodwill and Meijer on the way home. J off the rials when he got home.