20191111 + Introducing a Worker

20191111 + Up in the am, L took the day off and Gma&paB here. We all headed to G's school and went to the Veteran's Day Ceremony. G was in the flag corp and did a great job introducing GpaB to the crowd. After the ceremony we headed home and then ran up to Rusty Bucket for lunch. I ran in to Ed Hofmiester there and we chatted a bit. Home and L did some ironing and I took a nap from being up so late last night. Up and picked G up from basketball practice and we ran by Wendy's where J was doing some training. We got a snack and bugged him for a min and headed home for dinner. J home not long after and we all ate together and J told us about his boring training. After a short break JG&I headed to Scouts. The adults had a good meeting while the kids had theirs. Home and called Doc to see if he wanted to go to Bible Bangers and he decided against it because it was snowing. I headed to Bible Bangers for a bit and we had a smaller crowd but we finished off Acts.