20180116 + Quieter @ Work

20180116 + Up in the am and tried to work from home but the boys had a snow day and the noise was not not going to allow a productive day so I headed in to the office through the crappy weather. Good thing I went in I was all over the plant today chasing things down.

Home for a minute, L was cooking dinner, D was buying an April prom dress with DGF7, J was at a skate park and G was at Brady's shoveling driveways. I ran out to pick up G and purchased some Girl Scout cookies from Amaya. Good to see the McClains and catch up for a minute. Home and LG&I had dinner and then headed to the basement to watch 'Allied'. It was a good intense movie. J home, sore from skating crashes. D home and showed us pics of the dress. To bed early.