20180127 - 3 Gyms 4 G

20180127 - Up in the am and L headed out with the Cole's to go visit Gma&paB for GpaB's bday. I got settled at the desk and started getting things done. I then took Brady and G to the high school to drop G off for baseball and checked in with D as he was helping out. I dropped Brady off at home and headed to the bank and gas station for cash and gas. Home and got more done at the desk with J yelling at his friends on the xbox in the basement. D&G home and I ran out to pick up watch batteries and swing by Dave's to get more stuff for ebay. Home and caught up on more things and did some restocking. Then JG&I headed to G's basketball game with D&DGF7 meeting us there for the game. G played really hard but most of the boys were walking around asleep and they got smoked. After the beating D&DGF7 headed out and JG&I headed to Moe's where we ran into the Reeds and had a good dinner. Home and got G changed and to his baseball practice. I stayed and worked the scoreboard, well at least I hit the buzzer when G got the ball and scared the poop out of him :-) Practice over and G&I headed home. L home, J&G cleaned up and we watched Osiris Child in the basement before heading to bed.