20180131 - Steak n' Shake Lover

20180131 - Up at 5 to the neighbors barking dog. Got a bit more sleep before heading to work with a detour to drop off J's laptop and phone at his school. In to work getting ready for an early meeting. Had a very busy day and got a bunch of things done. Headed home through a bunch bad traffic. Got home and shipped a couple things for eBay and Amazon. then LG&I headed out to get some dinner at Steak n' Shake while D was at baseball and J was at skiing. We had a good meal and swung by Giant Eagle and picked up some ice cream and chocolate syrup. We hit the gas station too and made it home. D was home and we hung out for a bit before i rant to get J at skiing, his last night, and he told me of the fun he had. Home and J had a snack and watched a wood carving show with D&I.