20171226 + Not Fluffy

20171226 + Up late and watched some TV with L&G in our jammies. D out with DGF7 and J playing with his scooters. I removed the thermostat from the wall and installed a new Nest smart thermostat which is a bit smaller so that led to wall repair... Sent J to the hardware store to get some double sided tape and fixed the microwave button that was falling off. JG&I cleaned the garage and got the trash ready to take out. J headed out shopping with one of his friends. G&I hung out in the garage and tested his cotton candy maker. I then attempted to install the undercounter TV L got for Christmas and it had a line through screen so we will have to exchange it. LG&I suited up to brave the cold and swung by the post office before stopping for a quick bite to eat at Arby's and then on to see 'The Greatest Show' move, it was awesome! Home and L downloaded the movie soundtrack and we were dancing around making G choke on his snack with our awesome moves. D&J in the basement playing on the Xbox. Little boys to bed and L&I tried to get D moving on his future.