20171225 + Christmas Day

20171225 + G up several times throughout the night for this pain or that... Finally up for good about 7am. Got myself around and a cup of coffee and we settled in the living room to open gifts. The boys did really good this enjoying watching others open their things more than opening. We took our time and had a very nice morning and everyone seemed very happy with their gifts, L got a beautiful necklace, D got a nice bat, J got a fancy scooter and G got his Google Home and other little stuff. We got the paper and ourselves cleaned up while Lilly pranced around the backyard with her giant bone looking for a hiding spot. L got in the kitchen and started cooking and soon family started showing up. Gma&paW, Gma&paB and the Coles. We had a nice spread of food and a nice lunch. We headed down to the basement after the meal to exchange gifts. and then everyone played with their stuff for a bit before folks had to head home. We stayed up late playing with our new things and getting our Google Home set up.