20171219 - Mechanjc

20171219 - Up in the am and G home from school with a fever so I stayed with him while L went to school with Gma&paB for day 2 of Santa & Mrs. Claus. D home after exams and then off to work. I got through most of the morning before escalations called me into the office. D back home just in time as the white car wouldn't start so he ran me to L's school to get my car and in to work. Got the important stuff done and headed home a bit late. Home and J&I got the car started and took it to get the battery changed. Home and ate. D home shortly and we headed out to do his Christmas shopping. It was a good trip and we got most of it done except one thing he needs to run out and get J. Home and everything unloaded. D ate and off to bed.