20171204 - Workers

20171204 - Up in the am and in L was not looking forward to working with a sub this morning. I got J off to school and headed in to work. At work getting things done and the network died... Ended up getting a lot done with Justin. Headed out and to an auction house and then to drop off some iPhone cases to get printed off. Swung by Dave's warehouse and then over to pick G up from basketball practice. Home for 30 seconds, realized I left my portfolio at Dave's so raced back over to his warehouse, got the portfolio and and raced over to Scouts to deliver awards, check on advancements, pay dues and sell baseball cards. Got J from Scouts and headed home. D was there and we shipped the ebay sales for the day and got something to eat. The guys were all over the place tonight and cancelled Bible Bangers. Hung out on the couch until late doing odds and ends on the PC.