20170423 - Finally CHAMPIONS!!!

20170423 - Up and in to work.  I meet Art the customer from Canada and helped scan in SNs.  We got everything done we needed to and I helped out a bit in another area before heading out.  I ran through Subway on the way to Pickerington to G's tournament to grab some lunch.  I got there and sat through 3 windy games.  G did really well today, starting to contribute as the team starts to mesh, fun to watch.  The boys won all 3 games!  so they are finally CHAMPIONS!!! LJG&I headed to dinner at the Pizza Cottage with another family after the game and had a nice meal.  Home and everyone getting ready for a busy week.

W - Ohio Elite (8) vs Big Katz (8)
W - Ohio Elite (8) vs JABC (4)
W - Ohio Elite (11) @ Jackson Storm (0) CHAMPIONS