20170421 + Bike but no J

20170421 + UP and in to work. Trying to make sure things here are ready for next week. At lunch I ran to Lowe's (met up with Tom), Ace Hardware and Home Depot to get the final supplies for D's Eagle Project rounded up. Back to work to finish up the day and then home to get some supplies and head to the field. D was at a game so Bill & Tom helped me go around to each dugout and mark out where the bat racks would go. On the way home L called me to go find J. We had let him go the track meet at the high school but he was not reporting in like he was supposed to and we could not locate him on his phone... I went to the high school and could not find him in the thousands there, but did find his bike... Home and D&I loaded up the back of the white car then over to Doc's to hook up to the trailer. We got all of the wood loaded up and then in to finish writing the work instructions. EVERYTHING FINALLY READY!!! J finally came home, so all good. To bed a bit later than planned.