20170408 - Ambassador & Prom

20170408 - Up in the am and had a practice at a park. After the practice G and a buddy went looking for a geocache, it was a really cool one way up in a tree hooked to a tape measure you had to pull down. Back tot he hotel for a bit and then G&I split up, G went with his team to a Louisville University baseball game and I headed to the Maker's Mark distillery. I took a tour, dipped my own bottle of booze and just barely made it back to see the start of G's game, and I had his gear, all good, all the dads jealous they didn't go with me. I am now a Maker's Mark Ambassador and hold the title for the team. The boys won and G&I headed to dinner. We took Brady and his family with us to a little greasy spoon for a fantastic dinner with a bit of geocaching afterwards. Boys up late in the pool and running around. Dads outside for a couple drinks and having some hilarious conversations. Back at home J had a soccer game and D& DGF7 headed to Prom. They look so nice dressed up!