20170430 - 2 Feather WE Day

20170430 - Up in the am an d all to church. Home and L had to run back to school for whatever D working on his Eagle packet, D&I showed J how to use the riding mower and he mowed the backyard, G melting down because he doesn't know how to play with toys or by himself, I mowed the front yard. L left to go see GpaB at his choir concert, D had to stay home to work on Eagle stuff, J went on a 20 mile bike ride with a couple of buddies from his soccer team, G&I swung by the 10U Gahanna baseball game to say high to everyone before heading to his practice in Granville. During practice I tried to find a geocache and couldn't. Headed home after practice, we stopped at Home Depot to return some stuff and get grant a fan for his room. We then got a video and some grub from Panda Express. Home D had taken DGF7 out to eat, G&I had dinner on the back porch. J showed up and got some food. After we ate JG&I headed over to the school to throw G some balls, my pitching was pretty bad, J's was a bit better. D&DGF7 showed up and did much better pitching to G. D was playing infield and making throws to J, which had us all laughing, baseball isn't his thing... D got up to bat and hit some home runs, eventually G melted down and we all dispersed. Back home, watched a bit of TV, L finally home, got J&G to bed. D&I in the basement working on his Eagle packet and application and watched the newest 'Underworld'.