20170422 - EAGLE PROJECT

20170422 - Up EARLY and D&I to the ball fields at Academy Park. We carried the supplies to the shelter and then installed a helmet shelf on field 1 so the volunteers had an example in no time at all. Early on there were very few people and D thought we may be in trouble for getting everything done. As the day warmed up and the sun came out more and more people showed up. There were lots of people showing up, family, friends, scouts, teammates (about 45 volunteers in total). D handed out the work and there were folks everywhere doing all sorts of jobs. We had lunch brought in and didn't have quit enough as people showed up after we ordered the food, but it all seemed to work out and EVERYTHING GOT DONE! We were all cleaned up by 2:30 and his project is DONE! 

J had a soccer game today so he wasn't around to help. L had G at his 2 games, they did come to help get the food and take care of lunch. G's team won both games so looks like baseball again tomorrow. Home and I cleaned out the garage and got everything put away.

W - Ohio Elite (9) vs Jr. Vipers (7)
W - Ohio Elite (16) vs Team Legacy Red (1)