20170204 + J SCORED TODAY x3

20170204 + Up in the am and sorting things out. D in to work, L&J to his soccer game and G&I to G's basketball game. J SCORED TODAY!!! FIRST TIME EVER!!! Not once. Not twice. THREE TIMES!!! Where did this kid come from? They won their game and headed home. G's team onthe other hand had an off day and lost. G was not himself, think he is getting sick. Gma&paW down, they had lunch at D's work and then came to G's game. All home and J, GpaW & I headed out; we got office supplies, J bought some bearings and wood and we met up with LDG&GmaW at Bellacino's for dinner. We had a nice dinner and then home. Gma&paW headed home, G got cleaned up and to bed, J worked on his new project and headed to bed, D had some plans and then to bed. Up late getting caught up.