20170212 + Scout Sunday

20170212 + Up in the am and all to church with the boys dressed in their Scout uniforms for Scout Sunday. After church, LJG&I headed home, D stayed for the next service and to go to lunch with a buddy. We had leftovers for lunch and then dug into some projects, L&G finished up his volcano for school, J and I worked on making his mold for his fidget toys. And I got some things done in the office. I ran to Dave's warehouse to drop off some duplicates and pick up stuff we had sold. Home and finished up some stuff as L&G went to the grocery. D home and then to DGF7 and G&I headed to TAD Sports in Granville for his conditioning. I sat in the lounge and did some development. G&I got home just as a skunk sprayed our neighborhood. Soon after D and the guys showed up to watch the premier of the Walking Dead, good show tonight! Stayed up late getting things done.