20170219 - Dylan goes to a PBR

20170219 - Up very early and D&I headed to Hillard for a PBR (Prep Baseball Report) invitational screening for baseball players.  He went through the stations and did very well.  He ran fast, had an awesome barhand play in the infield and had nice pop times while catching.  I learned a lot talking to other dads and a college coach that was there scouting.  Another dad and I decided for the next one of these we were going to dress in college gear and bring a stopwatch and clipboard ;-)  All done, all good.  Home and had a bite to eat, then ran to Dave's warehouse to pick up some stuff.  Hanging out getting things organized for the week.  L cooked us all dinner, we ate, D to DGF7, J to youth group laser tag night, G&I ran and got the movie Max Steele to watch.  After the movie the guys showed up to watch the Walking Dead.  I stayed up till 3am getting tax docs ready for tomorrow's accountant appointment.