20170211 - Time to Tap

20170211 - Up in the am. L on the road with some of the ladies from her work heading to a funeral in southern Ohio, D out to work, J playing the Xbox, G messing around and I tried to plan for the weekend. JG&I headed out, got gas and lunch from Wendy's. we dropped G off at home and J&I continued on to his soccer game. J's game was a great back and forth one and J saw a lot of action, but couldn't get a goal for me. We rushed over to G's game, Gma&paW were there with D & DGF7. It was a super close game and G's team lost in the last 10 seconds :-o G was NOT happy... J GmaW & I headed out for some errands, I got some shampoo and then we stopped at the hobby store where J got some more wood and a mold & cast kit. Home for a min, L back, exhausted but a good trip. We picked up GpaW and J & Gma&paW went with us, I dropped them off in Easton to get more ball bearings for J while I got a printing job quoted for work. Home and L&G were making a volcano, D&DGF7 went prom dress shopping, she found one. then everyone helped tap the maple trees, can't believe it is time already... J & Gma&paW ran to Panda Express and got us all some dinner. We had a nice meal and then then Gma&paW headed home and we all settled in for the night. I was up late getting notes put in and trying to figure out how to fix 2 more big problems at work.