20151225 - Mery Chrismas

20151225 - The little boys woke us up at 6:52 and we told them to go back to bed :-)   That didn't work  so up and out to the living room to open some presents.  The boys opened presents and for the first time D was more interested int he reactions his gifts got than what he received.  He did a really good job and got me a beer sweatshirt that has an extra pocket to hold a beer :-)  The boys took turns and opened things nicely.  Everyone was very happy with the things they got, especially J&G when they opened iPhone 6s' at the same time.  It wasn't until several seconds later did they realize D had used empty iPhone boxes to give them little Lego guys.  Our presents open and boys cleaned up, down on the Xbox trying out their new games.  Soon the Gma&paB&W showed up and the Coles for a proper houseful.  We had a fantastic lunch and even more presents.  The kids played inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, all over the place.  In the evening when thigns settled down, somehow G convinced Gma^paW to take him home with them... So he left.  LDJ&I went down to the basement to play some Star Wars Battlefront and then watch 'ex machina', super weird movie...  A very nice Christmas