20151206 + Busy Sunday

20151206 + All to church, some lady was puking during service :-(  Home ordering stuff online. J had a friend over. Boys outside playing, stray dog showed up. Boy took dog around neighborhood looking for dog owners. Boy in and to basement playing xbox and Lego. L&G made chocolate chip cookies. Then We had a rotating door for a while. A scout family came over to talk and get their sons advancements signed off by D. J's friend got picked up. The dog owners showed up to get the stray. D left to go driving. All settled for a min. Then D home. L took D&J to church youth group with a stop to pick a futon up off the side of the road.  LG&I out for pizza dinner and ran into the Mallonn's.  A quick run up to Walgreen's for L to get more Christmas cards then home and picked up the boys.  D got a haircut and all boys to bed.