20151212 - Preperations

20151212 - Up in the am and L&G to Gma&paB's with the Coles. J&I out on the town.  We hit Meijer so J could do his Christmas shopping.  We then dropped off the movie and picked up D from his friends. We stayed a min to talk to the dad that has a huge metal art shop where he makes his sculptures. On to J's friend's where we dropped him off.  D&I stopped by the house to get his car and then on to Meijer to do his Christmas shopping. Home and D wrapped his presents. I got some things done at the desk. J with his buddy and they played Xbox for a while. D went driving with his instructor and the Neighbor Jim stopped over to borrow my biscuit joiner. J wrapped his presents and I got more done. D got home and we ran across town to see a movie, 'The Last Witch Hunter'. It was a good movie and we went to Chipotle for dinner afterwards. Home and to the basement to watch 'Star Wars IV, A New Hope' in preparation for this Friday's big premier :-)