20120818 - Drifting, Driving, Dealing

20120818 - Up and had bfast with the Wood's.  J&I packed up camp and hit the road.  Our first stop was the Hocking Canoe Livery for a 5 mile canoe trip.  This was longer than previous year and J was much better at steering and navigating the water this year.  We had all sorst of goodies with us and stopped for snacks and to explor islands and look for bugs, crawdads, fish and skipping stones.  I amazed J with my ability to skip any stone no matter size or shape...

After our water adventure we had lunch at DQ.  At one point J asked me if I was alright.  I had taken my glasses off and was rubbing my head and face was in great agony.  I had sucked down my lemon lime slushy too fast and had such bad brain freeze I thought I may pass out :-o

After lunch we headed to the Hocking Peaks Zip Lines and J got to do the adult course!  J is just like a little howler monkey up there and was zipping all over the place.  he was not afraid of any of the obstacles and got through the course in good order.  We did the huge race zip line where my weight was an obvious advantage and I smoked him :-)  it was a blast!

Onward the adventures to the Hocking Hills Family Fun Center for J's first ever ride in the adult size go-karts!  J thought he had me and I spun him out for the victory.  We were the only people there so we got to take extra long races and had fun cutting each other off and zipping all over.  What a blast! Then we each got a bucket of disasterous golf balls.  I tell you we are dangerous with these things.  We hit ore of them straigh up bouncing off the roof and almost hitting eachother than we did straight out.  We are horrible golfers but were laughing so hard we didn't care.  More golf, but this time 18 holes of put put, where there were fewer injuries :-)  And just when we thought the fun was over... We did more go-karts!!!

The fun far from complete we got back on the road to a beautiful sunset (I always see the best sunsets when I am with J) and made a stop at the Golden Corral to fill our guts with as much as we could, topped off with the famous chocolate fountain and cotton candy!

Up the road further to Hebron OH for one of J's favorite events, poker.  J borrowed some cash and set off to doing his usual, winning!!!  He won a round of texas holdem, spliting the pot with his opponent for a $30 profit for him!  We played a couple more hands and then  he fell asleep sitting up at the table.  That is the sign of a good day! :-)

I always have a great time with J.  It doesn't matter what we do, he is always appreciative and finding ways to have fun doing whatever crazy thing I am making him do.