20120824 - Firstday, Birthday

20120824 - Up early and out front with G the little man and his HUGE smile, ready for his first day in kindergarten. He's just so little...

L&I followed the boys back to school and walked G to his class, he went right in, no muss no fuss, except L was a bit weepy... We walked home to a silent house... I got to work and the day passed fast. Here the come back from school, big smile still there. He had a wonderful day and told us all about it.

I got some more work done and Dave stopped by for a visit and a sword fight. After work we got the yard set up for D's party. J&I ran to the store quick and got pizzas. Then the boys started showing up. We had a yard full of big boys playing and being loud. When the sun went down we got the movie started.
After the movie we sang happy bday to D and had cupcakes. Boys back outside for another movie and I'm watching over them trying to keep them quiet:-s