20120817 - Fun Times with J and Friends

20120817 - UP had a whole day crammed into the morning.  L took to J to the dentist this am where he had a tooth pulled :-o  and she had to take Dylan next.  Got packed up and J&I out to the store to get a ton of supplies (junk food).  On the road and to Dillon St park.  We got there and set up out tent, J helped good.  We got a spot right next to Mike and Amy Woods and family.  We cooked dinner and had a really nice meal together.

Then we took a big hike where the kids climbed on vines and ran wild in the woods.  We played on the playground and went back to camp to cook s'mores and hillbilly eclairs.  The kids watched a movie and we hung out around the file.  We had some stripe tailed friends try and sneak up on us, and the kids tried to catch them (smart).  All to bed in good time.